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Hi every one; I have a stored proc and I need to pass datetime variables (@FromDate and @ToDate) to it.
The conversion failed when converting date and/or time from character string.
I tried to use convert function but it didn't work.
Can any one help me?

@page int = 1,
@pagesize int = 10,
@FromDate datetime,
@ToDate datetime
declare @sql nvarchar(max);
declare @sql2 nvarchar(max);
declare @countout int=0;

set @sql='';
set @sql2='';
declare	@lbound int, @ubound int
set @lbound = 1;
set @ubound = 100000;
set @sql='select @countout=count(*) from Trans where Trans.Date between '+ @FromDate +' and '+ @ToDate

Declare @sqlParam nvarchar(100)
set @sqlParam = ' @countOut int output ';

exec sp_executeSQL @sql,@sqlParam,@countOut output;
if @countOut=0
   return 0;
Updated 18-Jun-12 8:13am
ZurdoDev 18-Jun-12 14:21pm    
Do a SQL trace and see what is being passes exactly.
Sandeep Mewara 18-Jun-12 14:43pm    
Issue is the value and the way you have passed the datetime fields.

SP is just fine and I doubt if this is relevant here.

How are you passing the values to this SP?
db7uk 18-Jun-12 16:45pm    
When you say you have tried the convert. What happened? I normally do this if working with dynamic sql:
select @countout=count(*) from Trans where Trans.Date between convert(datetime, '+ @FromDate +', 103) and convert(datetime, '+ @ToDate + ', 103)

use convert command for this and write like this it will work

set @sql='select @countout=count(*) from Trans where Trans.Date between '+ convert(datetime, convert(char(10),@FromDate, 110)) +' and '+ convert(datetime, convert(char(10),@ToDate, 110))
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khangaldi 19-Jun-12 3:23am    
i don't know why but this code didn't work , although it seem correct
how to convert string to time ?

Hi ,

please Convert to data Time and pass the parameters
See example below:

Dim strTime As String = "3:00 PM"

' Convert to datetime
Dim dtTime As DateTime = Convert.ToDateTime(strTime)

' Display in 24hr format

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Tanx Guys but this is how i solved it:

declare @sql nvarchar(max);
declare @sql2 nvarchar(max);
declare @countout int=0;
declare @Tempsql nvarchar(max);

set @sql='';
set @Tempsql='';
DECLARE	@lbound int,
		@ubound int
SET @lbound = 1;
SET @ubound = 100000;

set @sql='select @countout=count(*) from Trans tn '

if @FromDate is not null
	set @Tempsql= @Tempsql+' where  tn.Date >= ''' + convert(varchar, @FromDate,20)+'''';
 if @ToDate is not  null 
set @ToDate= DATEADD("day", 1, @ToDate)
set @Tempsql= @Tempsql+' and  tn.Date <= ''' + convert(varchar, @ToDate,20)+'''';

set @sql= @sql + @Tempsql;
Declare @sqlParam nvarchar(100)
SET @sqlParam = '@countOut int output';
EXEC sp_executeSQL @sql,@sqlParam,@countOut OUTPUT;
if (@countOut=0)
return 0;
EXEC dbo.Paging_Get_Bounds @countOut,@page , @pagesize, @lbound output , @ubound output ;
set @sql=' select '+CONVERT(varchar, @countOut)+' as countOut,*            from (
 select  (ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY tn.Date DESC) ) as rownumber,*       
 from Trans tn
)as tbl
where rownumber between  '+CONVERT(varchar, @lbound)+' and '+CONVERT(varchar, @ubound);

EXEC sp_executeSQL @sql
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