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I executed the following instruction
BACKUP DATABASE jpa TO DISK = 'G:\backJpa.bak'

In the SQL server management studio of my home machine which is connected via local network to the sql server of my company.
Note that 'G:\backJpa.bak' references the path that exists in my machine not in the server. i want that the back up file of the remote database to be saved in my local machine using the sql command.
the error i get when i tried the above sql command is : "the specified path isn't found"

"the specified path isn't found"
It's pretty clear that the issue is with path provided. The way you are trying to access it and then backup is not working.

Verify the location of database being mapped correctly to the path given and then verify the path given for saving it is accessible.
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elidrissi.amine1 26-Jun-12 13:59pm    
'G:\backJpa.bak' file is under the 'G:\' partition of my local machine. which is connected to the sql server located in the ip x.x.x.x which has login( 'username' ) and password (****(
Sandeep Mewara 26-Jun-12 14:36pm    
G:/ is partition at your local drive and SQL server on other system. You need to use network path for backup location.
elidrissi.amine1 26-Jun-12 14:43pm    
could you give me an example of network path.
I have to notice you that i want to download the script of the database from an asp .net page. in other hand, i'll give the administrator of the system the ability to choose a location on their local machine where it want the script to be downloaded. then the backup file will be downloaded in this location.
Sandeep Mewara 26-Jun-12 14:53pm    
well, it would be something like:

You need to make sure that the folder in discussion has proper security permissions set (read-write access)
touseef4pk 2-May-14 1:07am    
You need to use FTP in order to take backup to your local machine as remote and local machines are on different networks.
You can use this tool to exactly do this: BAK to local[^]
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