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A very simple query, your solution would help tremendously. Many thanks in advance.

With the help of C++, I am trying to built a Win32 DLL Data Plugin using the instructions as mentioned in the ADK of a software (client), which is going to fetch data from TCP Socket based API and then inject the received data snapshots onto the client-software.

The problem is that in order to access these APIs I need to go through a lot of paper-work, they don't come for free ($50-$80 a month) plus there is a $2000 deposit money required and there is no Trial period either. I intend to test whether my data-plugin works or not before signing-up.

I am not expecting anyone to read all that, just want to know whether there are any dummy TCP/Socket based APIs available that data-streams using which I could test my C++ DLL Plugin before going live?

What I have tried:

Being searching, unable to find anything!
Updated 16-May-19 6:34am
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 16-May-19 5:24am    
Not clear for what software do you try to write a plugin? API of who?
(Link to other sites is not a way to pass information - you should not expect us read all the info for you)
ChimpTrader 16-May-19 5:55am    
Peter, please, don't get me wrong! I am not expecting anyone to go through the documents, just mentioned them for instance. All I am trying to know is that, are there any dummy TCP/Socket based APIs available that datastreams using which I could write and test my C++ DLL Plugin?
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 16-May-19 6:10am    
TCP/Socket based API that datastreams using...
Datastreams is a company? The one wants to sell you the right to use it without beta?
Richard MacCutchan 16-May-19 5:28am    
Tell your client to pay. This is not a technical question.
Dave Kreskowiak 16-May-19 9:13am    
That's just it. You're not "going live" without testing against the REAL data source API. Attempting to do so is just plain irresponsible.

...aaaaand how is your "injection API" going to know exactly how the data from the real API is supposed to look to your code, ... without ever seeing the real API data ...??

Test "what part"?

You can "mock" anything. You should be able to abstract the "last part" to 2 or 3 lines until someone decides to "pay up".

Connect; send; receive.
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You should ask your client to pay the costs or pay yourself to get over it.

The alternative is that you mock the interface of the plugin yourself and so can verify that your code is running fine.

tip: create some scenarios with lame and or broken connection to simulate error handling like reestablishing the connection or timeouts.
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