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hello everybody

i have a cab file and i want to put it in my web page as a OBJECT (contains my activex control)
i have used makecert.exe by this command to generate the MyCert.cer and MyCert_PK.pvk files

makecert -ss MyCertStore MyCert.cer -sv MyCert_PK.pvk

then i have used this command for signing my cab file :

signtool sign /f MyCert.cer  /csp "Microsoft Strong Cryptographic Provider" /kc MyCert_PK.pvk

but execution of that was failed and its message is :

SignTool Error: The specified private key does not match the public key of the
selected certificate.

what else i must done befor these steps for signing my cab file ? or what am i doing wrong in this case ?

1 solution

It looks like you have a few issues in your process. The error message you are getting basically means "your SSL cert is messed up". The first issue I see is in your makecert process. You are missing some switches that are required to make a proper cert file. Beyond this, using a local cert like this should only be for testing, and not for your live application. For your live application, you should be using a real cert from GoDaddy, Thawte, or one of the other providers. In the meantime, however, here is a good resource on making your own cert:[^]

Once you get to the point of using the signtool, I would recommend using the wizard. It is so much better at showing you what you need to do next compared to the command line. Here is a tutorial on how to do that:[^]
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