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Hi there friends! Can anybody help me with my project? I have to develop a Loan System using php. I don't have any background with this yet so i need your help.

Member: member_no, username, name

Password: username, password, category //here i am storing the data for login and the category will be admin or member.

Product: product_no, product_name, product_type, description, price

Transaction: member_no, product_no, no_of_payments //in here i am storing the transactions of every members. it's like the master list of all the member's transaction.

Transaction_2: member_no, product_no, payment, date //in here, i am storing every member's transaction for members' to view their account.

I have made my login and registration page. But i can't do the transaction. Can anybody help me with this? You're comments and suggestions are very much appreciated!
Sandeep Mewara 4-Jul-12 2:43am    
t i can't do the transaction. Can anybody help me with this?
minejass 9-Jul-12 2:09am    
i have a product list in a table where the member can choose then if he decide to create a loan, he will be then create his account. for the transaction, like for example, he will pay for his monthly amortization, he will just enter the amount then it will be stored in the database transaction for him to view his accounts history and his account will be updated, meaning his balance will then be updated.

Am i thinking the right way?
Mohibur Rashid 4-Jul-12 3:58am    
Why do you need another table for member to view transaction?

And why cant you see? what did you do wrong? more over what did you do?
minejass 9-Jul-12 2:02am    
can you suggest a better database? the table for transaction2 is for members to view their transaction history.
Mohibur Rashid 9-Jul-12 2:22am    
the answer is no. I have my work to do. All I can do is see your code and suggest you how to make it work if it is 3 lines.

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