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I have a service

public interface IUtility
    int Multiply(int a,int b);

public class Utility : IUtility
      int Multiply(int a,int b)
           return a*b;    

now i want to consume this service async in my c# windows application through code without adding service reference only through programatically.
Updated 7-Jul-12 0:46am

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You can do this.
You can create proxy of a service using ChannelFactory class. You dont have to refer to the service. while adding reference to your wcf service what visual studio does is to create a proxy and edit the client config file to add end points so that proxy can use it.

ChannelFactory class has constructors which accepts ServiceEndpoint. This can be the endpoint name from the client config file.

After creating object of channel factory, you can call
method which will give you the proxy. After creating the proxy, you can call your service methods using this proxy.

ChannelFactory<IMyContract> factory = new ChannelFactory<IMyContract>();
IMyContract proxy = factory.CreateChannel();

But before, you need to add the configurations to the client config file. Address Endpoints bindings and all. After doing this you should be able to do as in code.

Hope this helps.
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agha_ali22 6-Jul-12 9:20am    
i want to do the method call async e.g
agha_ali22 6-Jul-12 9:22am    
actually i have two client app one in Silverlight which is working perfectly now i want to build a desktop app using same service.(async pattern)

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