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When a CheckBox and some other Control are used to display a nullable variable, where the CheckBox is used to indicate whether or not the variable is null, which do you find more intuitive:

1) A check means the field IsNull
5) A check means the field HasValue

(If you're in the "use a magic value" camp, please don't respond.)

I always use checked for IsNull - seems more logical somehow

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A check is something, an empty checkbox is missing something.
HasValue is therefore my favourite.

Whether it's subconscious or not, you might have told us your own opinion by your numbering.
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on entry I would use a checkbox, checked==hasValue, and a TextBox or something like that, which
gets empty&&disabled or invisible on !hasValue

on display, I would use a TextBox that shows the value when hasValue, and gets both empty and
grayed when !hasValue

but then I am not sure you always need a checkbox, your control (say a TextBox) may have a
no-value indication anyhow (say a number in a TextBox, an empty TextBox would be !hasValue).
So I would only use the checkbox if the value can be present but invisible (as in an empty string).


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