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i want to make a shopping cart in which user visit my site and add item to cart and can delete items from cart and when user go for checkout then we ask for login.

my question is that how to manage visited user a unique id to do above operation
and also if user leave the website then its cart should be blanked.

thank you,
Vani Kulkarni 12-Jul-12 5:31am    
What have you tried till now? Do you have any code? If yes, please post it. This is a huge question to answer and even vague too. Please be specific.
rajesh@1989 12-Jul-12 5:34am    
i do not have any code for that i just ask how to manage it
rajesh@1989 12-Jul-12 5:38am    
just tell me that how to create session id for specific user who are visited my site. my reference site is

1 solution

just tell me that how to create session id for specific user who are visited my site
Ok. Here is the logic:
If you are giving a shopping cart feature to buy stuff, you have to register user in order to track all the details properly. Information helps throughout the existence of that user and not just for a session.
You need to ask user to register before buying/payment. You will capture necessary details like name, address, username, password. You need to make sure that the username is unique for your database. Once this is in place, you can always track a particular user easily along with the items in the cart.

Things can be added to this specific user cart. It's user discretion to keep or remove at the time of logging out or buying any other stuff from your website.

Now, apply it!
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rajesh@1989 12-Jul-12 5:54am    
thank you,

have a look to site. here user has not to registered himself before buying. He can add items to cart without login and if he want to checkout/payment for that then he need to login.
I want to do same operation like
Sandeep Mewara 12-Jul-12 7:30am    
Use GUID in a session for that particular session as long as user is not logged in. This will keep unique session for that time and once user logs in, transfer the content to usrename.

Though, I would suggest you to ask user to login in order to add things to cart.
rajesh@1989 12-Jul-12 7:35am    
how to use GUID? please suggest me any example for it.
Sandeep Mewara 12-Jul-12 7:43am    
Guid g = Guid.NewGuid();


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