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Hi everyone.
I have a tablelayout panel with 5 rows and 3 columns , each cell is a richTextBox
How can I print the the tablelayout panel with the text in the richTextBoxes.

Can anyone help me?
Kenneth Haugland 15-Jul-12 8:42am    
Printing can be rather complicated, is it Windows Forms or WPF?
B.Tariq 17-Jul-12 4:41am    
It is Windows Forms
Sandeep Mewara 15-Jul-12 10:09am    

Please try this may help you

//Create a temporary image to draw into
//with the dimensions of your TableLayoutPanel
using (Bitmap printImage = new Bitmap(myTableLayoutPanel.Width, myTableLayoutPanel.Height))
      //Draw the TableLayoutPanel control to the temporary bitmap image
      myTableLayoutPanel.DrawToBitmap(printImage, new Rectangle(0, 0, printImage.Width, printImage.Height));

      //(...your code continues here, except that now you
      // will print the temporary image you just created)
      printPreviewDialog1.Document = PrintDoc1;
      PrintDoc1.PrintPage += printDocument2_PrintPage;
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You will need to send the array of label names to the print page handler, using this array, set the X and Y Positions with a for loops
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