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My question is I am trying to plot a bar graph showing database on x axis and CPU time consumed by that database in Y-axis,now i want to display a query from my result set as a tooltip, which i am providing to graph as a datasource.
How to achieve that, need help asap.
Sandeep Mewara 17-Jul-12 1:50am    
Tried anything so far? You said 'I am trying...', what have you done so far? Share with us.

1 solution

This sounds like something one of my coworkers is doing right now. I really hope you are not him. What exactly is your question? What are you stuck on?

I'd start here and post back specific issues you are stuck on:
A Guide to using MSChart for .NET[^]

What code do you have? What specifically is not working?
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gtulsyan 16-Jul-12 11:50am    
let me explain u in brief.
I have a dataset containing login name,number of sessions,total cpu time as columns.dataset is having multiple rows
This dataset i am giving as a datasource to the bar chart.
Now I am displaying login name on x-axis and numner of sessions as y-axis. I want to display Cpu time as a tool tip on graph, how to achieve it

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