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hello friends
i want to store year as 2008-2009. which datatype is better in sql server.

Thank you

the only way to store the value, you have to use varchar,nvarchar (string) data type
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OriginalGriff 17-Jul-12 14:10pm    
Why "only"? there are loads of ways you could store it, starting with "number of years since the year 2008-2009" as a number. All of them are much, much more data friendly (in that you can do better comparisons and maths with them). Storing numbers as strings is a poor idea in nearly every single case.
To be honest I would just store the actual date, and just post process it to get the tax year (or whatever period is the year 2008-2009) either in my external code or a stored procedure.

That way, you aren't discarding information you might later want to use if the requirements change slightly. The space difference isn't massive, and storage is pretty cheap.
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store year as 2008-2009
If you want to store it exactly as 2008-2009, then varchar(10) should fit best.
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