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im refering:
I was trying linq to sql, but i get this error:"The type 'ADODOTNET.Emp' is not mapped as a Table."
public class SalesOrder : DataContext
        // ----- Constructor establishes database connection.
        public SalesOrder(string connectionString) : base(connectionString) { }
        // ----- Table definitions to link with database.
        public Table<Emp> Employee;


Emp table has 4 coloumns:

I was firing below linq query:

using (SalesOrder context = new SalesOrder(linkToDB.ToString()))
                var linqresult = from cu in context.Employee
                                 select new { CustomerID = cu.ID, CustomerName = cu.LNAME };
Updated 19-Jul-12 4:01am

1 solution

This[^] is the best thing to do when you need help with a specific error message.
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Mohit Bhati 20-Jul-12 4:18am    
hi Christian,
what should i do to map "Emp" as a table in my code?
Christian Graus 20-Jul-12 17:48pm    
Is this Entity Framework ? If it's not, then I have no clue, with EF, if you're not just creating a model based on a DB so if the table is there, it gets imported, then you write a class for each table.

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