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Hi i have a requirement where i have to create a report for like 6.8 million record
all the records should be aggregated and should put them in the report and render that to a PDF, the report was runnign fine but when i render it to PDF i am getting an out of memory exception , i saw there is a 160 page limit for PDF rendering but my report has like 30 pages MAX i dont understand why the rendering has a Out oF memory could some one please help me out with this thanks
lewax00 23-Jul-12 11:14am    
Only 30 pages? That's almost 270,000 records per page, are you sure?
makwith9789 23-Jul-12 11:19am    
HI lewax00 yes it was only 30 pages becuase the data was in aggreated level most of the pagesd will have the overall number of the 6.8 million records like sum() and AVG().
Sandeep Mewara 23-Jul-12 11:25am    
Amount of data?
makwith9789 23-Jul-12 11:31am    
If you mean the number of rows they were like 6.8 Million Records.
Sandeep Mewara 23-Jul-12 14:14pm    
I meant, AFAIk, just the 'page' would not be the defining parameter... it should be SIZE/AMOUNT of data.

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You need to check resolution in this article from microsoft.[^]
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