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I am in the process of migrating legacy project from 32bit to 64bit environment.
So far it wasn't much of issue, but I have one module which is used for working with Access DB. As you probably know DAO Database classes are not supported for Win64 and as far as I can tell from my Google searches they are deprecated.

At the moment replacing Access DB with SQL Server CE or SQLite DB is out of the question (management says so), therefore I have to write a new piece(s) of code which will work(compile) on Win64 and I'm having a dilemma where to start.
I am thinking about using some existing library as it will be the least time consuming endeavor or should I rewrite particular code using OLEDB or CDatabase (great deal of program has been done with MFC)?

Can you recommend me such library or correct approach to solve this problem?

Being occasional C++ programmer doesn't help either. =/

I've just found out there is no way to connect to .mdb file on 64bit OS with Jet, instead I should use new ACE drivers for Access 2010. It seams pretty straight forward.
Is there anything else I should consider?
Updated 24-Jul-12 3:05am

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You'll need a licensed copy of Microsoft Office 2010 on every system you install your app on.

If it's an in house application that may not be a problem.

If it's an application that is shipped to customers, then this could add significant licensing and support costs to your product.
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Oshtri Deka 24-Jul-12 18:10pm    
Bummer. =/
Jochen Arndt 25-Jul-12 3:00am    
Why did you need Office to use the ACE drivers? They can be installed with the 'Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 Redistributable'.
JackDingler 25-Jul-12 11:32am    
When I researched it, Microsoft was clear that this was licensed as a part of Microsoft Office, and could not be installed separately.

If this has changed, let me know.

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