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Dear Friends,

Am working on Sqlserver 2005.

I have a DATABASE with Name SchoolDb.... in this i have a table called StudentInformation with Large number of Records in this table.

I have another DATABASE with Name CollegeDb, In this Database I need to copy Student information table.

Please can you help me how to do this.

Thanks for EVER.

Hello Soft Engg....

Please use the below query.

It will help you.

select * into CollegeDb..newstudentinfo(DBname..tableName) from SchoolDb..StudentInformation (DBname..tableName)
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try to use SqlBulkCopy Method in ADO.Net.
DataTable sourceDataTable = new DataTable(); //here select data from your source database
string DestinationConnString = ""; //here place your destination databse connection string
string DestinationTableName = ""; //here your destination Table name
SqlBulkCopy bulkDataCopy = new SqlBulkCopy(DestinationConnString, SqlBulkCopyOptions.TableLock)
          DestinationTableName = DestinationTableName,
          BatchSize = 100000,
          BulkCopyTimeout = 360
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Use this query:

select * into tstTbl from TestDB.dbo.Table1

This will copy all the data of Table1(Table1 is inside TestDB database) to the current table "tstTb" .

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Insert Data From One Table to Another Table[^]

INSERT INTO database1.table (FirstName, LastName)
SELECT FirstName, LastName
FROM database2.table 
WHERE EmailPromotion = 2
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