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I am using web application.
in that i have gridview.
In grid view i am using two / there CommandFields

once i click on CommandField1/CommandField2... i have to know what is that column headtext.

any one help me in this problem.
Updated 26-Jul-12 23:42pm

1 solution


Set the CommandArgument Property of the button or linkbutton as your column header text. Like:
<asp:linkbutton id="lnkAddNew" runat="server" text="Add" commandname="AddNew" commandargument="MyColumnHeaderText" xmlns:asp="#unknown" />

And Handle it like:
if (e.CommandName == "AddNew")
    // Returns MyColumnHeaderText

if (e.CommandName == "AddNew")
    CommandField cf=sender as CommandField;
    // Returns MyColumnHeaderText

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Member 8715996 27-Jul-12 5:53am    
Hi Mr.Amit

no i am giving example. i am using vb

<asp:HyperLinkField HeaderText="Plan1" Text="Plan1" NavigateUrl="~/PlanPopup1.aspx" Visible="False" />

<asp:CommandField ShowSelectButton="True" HeaderText="Plan1" SelectText="Plan1" ControlStyle-Width="80px" ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign ="Center" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center"/>

<asp:HyperLinkField HeaderText="Plan2" Text="Plan2" NavigateUrl="~/PlanPopup1.aspx" Visible="False" />

<asp:CommandField ShowSelectButton="True" HeaderText="Plan2" SelectText="Plan2" ControlStyle-Width="80px" ItemStyle-HorizontalAlign ="Center" HeaderStyle-HorizontalAlign="Center"/>

In this i have two commandFields. i.e is plan1 and plan2
once i click on plan1 column i should get the plan1 header text.
_Amy 27-Jul-12 6:01am    
Use This:

CommandField cf=(CommandField)e.CommandSource;
lbl1.Text = cf.HeaderText;
Member 8715996 27-Jul-12 6:07am    
Hi Amit

it is showing :CommandField is a type and cannot be use as an expression
_Amy 27-Jul-12 6:15am    
Try my updated answer.
Member 8715996 27-Jul-12 7:57am    
hi Amy ok i changed the code to Dim cf As CommandField = DirectCast(e.CommandSource, CommandField) txtNOB.Text = cf.HeaderText but error is showing at e.CommandSource err.msg is: CommandSource is not a member of system.Web.UI.WebControls.GridViewSelectEventArgs

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