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Where can I get good material (or books or tutorials) on linux and Unix programming
[no name] 28-Jul-12 15:09pm    
Kenneth Haugland 28-Jul-12 16:27pm    
Sorry, didnt see your comment ;)
[no name] 28-Jul-12 16:30pm    
Not a problem at all.

The internet is a endless source of Linux/Unix programmging tutorial, examples, samples, ... heck, you could even find 10 years old (or older) linux/unix program books in libraries that would still be relevant.

Are you looking for something particular like kernel/driver programming ?

or something just more general (UI, domain dependant applications, ... )?
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pasztorpisti 30-Jul-12 9:51am    
The internet is a endless source of Linux/Unix programmging tutorial: This is also one of the biggest problems. A beginner sometimes can't decide if a tutorial is outdated or not. And most of the time its hard to find a really good tutorial when you have a "endless sources". Good info is lost between the lot of low quality stuff.
If you like the Dummies books, the best of this series' Linux books remains "Advanced Programming in the UNIX® Environment". It was released in 2005, and is an update of the classic first edition (released in 1992) by the late W. Richard Stevens.[^]

The "Advanced Linux Programming" is freely available and is an excellent book on Linux system programming.[^]

The classic guide to UNIX(R) programming of Marc J. Rochkind !
The book "Advanced UNIX Programming" is still used and considered to be a must have book on any UNIX programmer's shelf.[^]

No matter what book you get though, the absolute best way to learn Linux is to use it. Get a book and sit down with it and a computer already running your Linux distribution of choice and start playing with Linux. You'll find that learning Linux really isn't that tough after all. Have fun!

P/S Here you can find number of free Linux Books:[^]
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Why dont you look over at for instance amazon or other books sites? They have a review system wioth grades... What would you get here that you wouldnt get there?[^]
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Search the internet. You probably have to use
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Kenneth Haugland 30-Jul-12 7:20am    
Yeah, I wondered If Id should improve Volynsky Alex answer to include for dummies too ;)
armagedescu 30-Jul-12 7:22am    
Kenneth Haugland 30-Jul-12 7:42am    
Hah.. There is actually one:
Hey, I'm not an active linux user currently but what I know (some commandline, sysadmin stuff, basic programming) I learnt from The Linux Documentation Project Site[^] FOR FREE. At first sight the site might look overly simple, but it has some very good tutorials.

EDIT: I just wrote in "programming" to the search field of TLDP and the first find is a brief book that looks OK: The Linux Programmer's Guide[^]. Quite an old book but its short and you can learn the basics from this for sure. Go and invest a few minutes to find out if this site is OK for you or not! Good luck.
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