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Hi to all,
how can I remove duplicate values from table?
Updated 30-Jul-12 0:31am
Kenneth Haugland 30-Jul-12 6:27am    
AS you have a uniqe ID column in the SQL database no values are the same.
OriginalGriff 30-Jul-12 6:39am    
That's true :laugh: - but it can be a problem if a customer is entered by a number of people who don't realise they already exist.
Karthik Harve 30-Jul-12 6:39am    
tell us what exactly you wanted to do?

try this.

select * from temp;

with a as
    select row_number() over(partition by id,updateddate order by id) as rn
    from temp
delete from a where rn > 1

select * from temp

The output:
3 2012-05-24 10:22:08.523
3 2012-05-24 10:22:08.523

3 2012-05-24 10:22:08.523
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Aarti Meswania 1-Nov-12 0:48am    
There is a method suggested here: Remove Duplicate Rows from a Table in SQL Server[^] - but read the messages as they suggest some others.
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panduu 30-Jul-12 11:42am    
Thanks for sending and it should be understandble

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