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I can't peg when exactly it began, but recently my Visual Studio 2010 IDE itself is starting to mess up.

Functionally it still performs perfectly, but the UI messes up during certain alt-tabbings, causing it to blur up like mad and become illegible until I either mouse-over elements (forcing a graphic update) or Restoring and Maximizing the window.

I'd really like to figure out what's causing it and how to remedy it.

Below are images illustrating the issue. Note that I have used white to erase names of certain files denoting the project's name, so that's not part of the bug.

Image 1: Immediately after alt-tabbing, the UI goes bonkers.

Image 2: By mousing over elements, some semblance of normalcy returns.

Image 3: Normal UI (Aero + custom dark-theme for ease on eyes)

Any help would be greatly appreciate, I'm not even sure where to start. This is the only software I have any trouble with. Games are fine, videos and other Windows Forms software don't have this issue.

Googling the issue is hard, as most stuff comes up with somebody's custom app having graphics issues!

Tried resetting all IDE settings to default, no luck.
Will attempt a reinstall after I'm finished my current project at the earliest ;)
Updated 7-Aug-12 3:23am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Aug-12 12:45pm    
Looks nasty, never saw such thing before, but it will be hard to find. We don't have the source code of VS, besides, even your display adapter or its driver may malfunction. Did you see similar problems with other software?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Aug-12 12:46pm    
Did you try to re-install VS? OS? Tried to install it on different PC and reproduce the problem?
Squiffy_Ca 6-Aug-12 13:14pm    
I don't want to jump into a complete reinstall right away as a first resort. It's not that drastic; just annoying. But no other software seems to act this way, and it doesn't matter which (if any) project I have loaded, nor if I reset VS2010's settings.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Aug-12 13:31pm    
It's fine, but than there is a very little chance to understand what's going on. This behavior is rather unusual...
Squiffy_Ca 6-Aug-12 13:48pm    
Yeah, this is a slim hope of getting it fixed. Could well be the video, as I'm on a laptop. But it's just strange I haven't seen it anywhere else yet, and this has happened for weeks in VS.

1 solution

Reset your Visual Studio from the Run dialog in Start Menu[^][^]

And tell me if it works in your case..
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Squiffy_Ca 6-Aug-12 13:04pm    
No luck with either method, I'm afraid.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 6-Aug-12 13:32pm    
I would not suspect settings, so this thing would not come to my mind anyway. It's something else. I would even suspect the video card...
bbirajdar 7-Aug-12 6:15am    
Oh.. Sorry it did not work for you. I hope you get some solution other than the Microsoft method " Uninstall , reboot , Install ". :)

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