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My program is running into an infinite loop. Can you please tell me what is wrong with the code?

char  ch=0;
FILE *p = NULL, *q = NULL;

p = fopen(argv[1], "r+");
q = fopen(tempfilename, "w+");
  while ((ch = getc(p)) != EOF)
     // Normal if else statements


I also tried giving.. but in vain.. :(
int ch;

Thanks in advance,

code has no mistake. only mistake i can see you are not verifying whether fopen can open the file or not. verify if p!=NULL. if p is null I need to ask what compiler are you using? probably old
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Faez Shingeri 7-Aug-12 1:21am    
It indeed was the problem. The file isn't opening. BTW am using MinGW in eclipse. The problem is I am not able to get the input file. When I tried the debug mode, the code hangs here without asking me for the filename.

char inputfile[20];

printf("\n Enter the file name (i.e. input.txt or ABC.cbl etc): ");

Any idea why it behaving so..?
Mohibur Rashid 7-Aug-12 3:02am    
nope, have no idea. But I can suggest, why not trying absolute path and see if it can open the file, another thing- add the verification to ensure file is being opened
while ( 1 )
               ch = fgetc ( fs ) ;

               if ( ch == EOF )
                      break ;

                       fputc ( ch, ft )  ;


Happy Coding!
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