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I want to save my Error logs file on Azure Blob Storage. I am able to store these file on FTP Folder by NLog.config.
What I am doing wrong with my code.

Even Log file creating successfully on Local Machine.

Thanks in Advance

What I have tried:

My Nlog.config file

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<nlog xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" throwException="true" autoReload="true">
        <add assembly="NLogExtensions" />
        <add assembly="NLog.AzureBlobStorage" />
        <target xsi:type="ColoredConsole" name="colored_console" />
        <target name="console" xsi:type="Console" layout="${longdate}|${message}" />
        <target name="file" xsi:type="File" fileName="${basedir}/logs/Debug_${shortdate}.txt" layout="${longdate}|${message}" />
        <target xsi:type="AzureAppendBlob" name="Azure" layout="${longdate} ${level:uppercase=true} - ${message}" connectionString="myConnectionString" container="mycontainer" blobName="${date:format=yyyy-MM-dd}.log" />
        <logger name="*" minlevel="Error" writeTo="console,file" />
        <logger name="*" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="colored_console" />
        <logger name="*" minlevel="Error" writeTo="Azure" />

c# Code to Create Log file
using System;
using NLog;
using NLog.Fluent;

public partial class ErrorPage : System.Web.UI.Page
	private static Logger Mysameplelogger = LogManager.GetCurrentClassLogger();

	protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)


	static void LogSample()

		Mysameplelogger.Trace("Trace: This is a sample Trace Log");

		Mysameplelogger.Debug("Debug: This is a sample Debug Log");

		Mysameplelogger.Info("Info: This is a sample Info Log");
		Mysameplelogger.Warn("Warn: This is a sample Warn Log");
		Mysameplelogger.Error("Error: This is a sample Error Log");

		Mysameplelogger.Fatal("Fatal: This is a sample Fatal Error Log");

		Mysameplelogger.Info().Message("This is a test Info message '{0}'.", DateTime.Now.Ticks).Property("Test", "InfoWrite").Write();

Updated 21-May-19 20:10pm

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