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Hi all, I need to triangulate list of segments, but can not find any commercially usable library. CGAL seems to be very good, but is it GPL so not usable for my needs.
Triangulation does not have to be Delaunay compliant.

Can you suggest constrained triangulation library?

EDIT: It should be compilable in MS VS 2005 on Windows

Updated 11-Aug-12 20:53pm
Kenneth Haugland 11-Aug-12 17:07pm    
You cant use CGAL? You could try QuickHull, Matlab used that library for a while.
Dusan Paulovic 11-Aug-12 17:37pm    
Yes I can not because CGAL's CDT is released under GPL license.
QuickHull does not support constrained triangulation.
Kenneth Haugland 11-Aug-12 17:53pm    
Just out of curiosity, what are you actually going to use it for?
Dusan Paulovic 12-Aug-12 2:51am    
For triangulation list of segments before polygonizing it.

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Dusan Paulovic 11-Aug-12 17:34pm    
Kenneth, but I need CONSTRAINED triangulation, not only triangulation. What you listed is all not usable commercially or supports only non-constrained triangulation.
Kenneth Haugland 11-Aug-12 17:38pm    
CGAL definetly supports triangulation of Lines and quake also supports it. The three other dosent, sorry about that :)
Dusan Paulovic 12-Aug-12 2:50am    
Yes, but CGAL is mentioned in my question as well as that I am looking for commercially usable implementation from origin. Quake Triangle is NOT usable in commercial products and CGAL only with commercial license - which I would have to buy.
Take a look at this library - The GTS Library[^]
Quote -
GTS stands for the GNU Triangulated Surface Library. It is an Open Source Free Software Library intended to provide a set of useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles. The source code is available free of charge under the Free Software LGPL license.
A brief summary of its main features:
2D dynamic Delaunay and constrained Delaunay triangulations.

LGPL allows commercial use.
But it has only limited support for Windows (whatever it means) -
From version 0.4.0, limited support has been added for the Microsoft windows environment and the Microsoft C compiler.
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Dusan Paulovic 12-Aug-12 6:21am    
Thanks, this is one I know about and I am not able to compile it in VS2005. It also depends on GLib which is huge DLL.

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