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hi friend
i want to trace all http requiest in my windows application using,

like fiddler Application.
Can Any body help me how can i do?

Updated 14-Aug-12 3:36am

1 solution

My favorite net sniffer program is[^] that uses the libpcap library to do the stuff. This is perfect for tcp and sniffing but for https you might need some more work. In some cases you can use the "man in the middle" approach where the program connects to your "man in the middle" program and your program connects to the original destination of the https connection. This way your program just acts as a proxy between the two endpoints and can see the unencrypted data channel traffic. This doesn't work all the time, but others might be able to give you better ideas because I havent done such tricks often.
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ravi kumar86 14-Aug-12 7:32am    
But i want to develop my own Application in VB.Net please Give me any Suggestion
pasztorpisti 14-Aug-12 7:38am    
If you know how to use a library from VB.Net then you could just check out libpcap, otherwise you should start with the basics and check out how to use a library.
ravi kumar86 14-Aug-12 7:34am    
How to use WININET.DLL,WINHTTP.DLL to Trace Http/HTTPS Traffic by Programming ?

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