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Hello everybody.

I'm working on a speech processing project "Keyword Spotting" and I need a Matlab code for "Segmental Dynamic time Warping" algorithm

Actually I have 2 strings, the first one is a long string that represents the utterance and the second one is a small string that represents a template keyword.

I have to compare the small string with each portion of the long string.How can I do that?

The approach that I'm working on it uses Segmental Dynamic time Wrapping But I can not understand it.

Can anybody help me?

I need it quickly,
Best regards.Shayan
Updated 14-Aug-12 15:01pm

1 solution

If I understand you correctly, you're trying to find one string within another in Matlab... if so, use strfind()[^]. Be aware that the function is case sensitive, if you want to make it case insensitive, just make both strings either all lower[^] or all upper[^] before making the function call.
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Shayan7300 15-Aug-12 1:40am    
Hello..Thanks for your answer but I'm was not looking for what you said.
I have to compare 2 vectors of features .this vector are not identical and same...on vector in long and another is short.I have to find out that witch part of the long utterance is much similar to the short one to satisfy a threshold
Albert Holguin 15-Aug-12 10:14am    
You did say strings specifically. You should update your question to reflect exactly what you mean.

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