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string myTown = document.Element("GeocodeResponse").Element("result").Elements("address_component").Where(x => (string)x.Element("type").Value == "locality").Select(x => x.Element("long_name").Value).First();

works fine but

List<GeocoderLocation> geoList = new List<GeocoderLocation>();
                        geoList = (from result in document.Descendants("result")
                                  select new GeocoderLocation
                                      Town = result.Elements("address_component").Where(x => (string)x.Element("type").Value == "locality").Select(x => x.Element("long_name").Value).First(),

does not. It throws exception InvalidOperationException Sequence contains no elements.

This is attempt to parse geocode from google[^]

1 solution

My bad. I assumed that it was throwing exception on first go. But it didn't and the cause of problem was that some nodes didn't contain postcode or something else and therefore being empty.

Solution: instead of .First() use .FirstOrDefault()
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