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What is the difference between using Visual Studio 2010 EXPRESS and Visual Studio 2010 ULTIMATE? I created a manifest file to tackle UAC in VB but it did NOT work at all under the Ultimate Edition but worked (even though not satisfactory - password needed) under the Express Edition? What is the Ultimate version for?

Anyway how can I eliminate the prompt message completely:
"This task requires the application to have elevated permissions."

I already have the manifest file - requireAdministrator.

There is no reason for anything that works in Express to not work in ultimate. The Ultimate edition is NOT your problem. You cannot get rid of that message.
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vbGoof 17-Aug-12 9:50am    
It is my problem because I bought it. Express is free
Christian Graus 17-Aug-12 9:53am    
It's not the problem though, Ultimate works fine. The issue has to do with how you're using it.
Dave Kreskowiak 17-Aug-12 10:25am    
And a 5 for you as well for the same reasons.
Yes, Christian is correct. If the target machine has UAC enabled, there is nothing you can do about it in your code or manifest. If the machine is configured to demand a password to use admin privileges, that's the users or administrators choice, not yours as a developer. There is nothing you can do to get around that.

The reason it solution (kind of) works in Express and doesn't in Ultimate is because your manifest or something else in your projects is not the same when you moved it between the two versions. ANYTHING you do in Express is doable the exact same way in Ultimate.
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Christian Graus 17-Aug-12 9:54am    
Got my 5 because the OP is clearly unlikely to work out that your answer is right
vbGoof 20-Aug-12 4:50am    
thank you, will take a closer look

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