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Is there any book/pdf available with examples on design patterns?

[no name] 21-Aug-12 9:13am    
Yes, yes there is.
pasztorpisti 24-Aug-12 20:03pm    
+5 good answer :-)
pasztorpisti 24-Aug-12 20:14pm    
Knowing design patterns without massive coding experience is often counterproductive. I've seen code written by beginner design pattern enthusiasts and the result was terrible. If you have just started coding its better to find out solutions by yourself. Learning design patterns at the beginning has not much of use, on the other hand a beginner might not even understand the real essence of a pattern without the experience in solving real-life problems. My opinion is that learning design patterns is for intermediate programmers, its useful to communicate ideas between coders quickly without the need to write example code and showing it to others. I know some very good but lazy coders out there who don't know patterns at all, still write very good code because of their experience.
If you are not a beginner then just ignore this comment.

I think 'Design Patterns for Dummies' by Steve Holzner, Ph.D. is a good starter.[^]
While 'googling' I found its pdf version (I don't know whether it is legal or not) here:[^]
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Yes there are lots of... just google it.

This is a pretty good website:[^]
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Refer bwlow Links.
Link 1[^]

Link 2[^]
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Ashish Tyagi 40 22-Aug-12 9:26am    
Link 1, drop me on this page only. :-)

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