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Hi everyone.

Can anyone suggest me when a user selects a checkbox among multiple checkboxes in a form those selected checkbox should remain selected even when user login next time. how to do this in

You need to save the value in db. and again take from database when user login next time.
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You should have database entry which is having selected checkbox info per user.
So when user login pass userid to query to get selected values.
With using this result you can select checlboxlist.
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The above two solutions already have given you the answer.

I would like to add some more point, how you persist the data in your db and show it in web page,
You should have a table for user settings with userid and settings parameter as db column(s).

When user selects some of the checkbox, iterate a loop and get the selected checkbox id in a comma separated string.
checkbox_2, checkbox7,checkbox8

You save the string in your database in user preference table.
While loading the form, check the table, get the string for logged in user id,
make a split and get all the values in string array.

Iterate the loop of all checkbox, match the id, and whenever you see a match, make the checkbox selected.

Hope this give you an overall picture of how to save user preference in db and show it in web page.

Best of luck.
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