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Hi friends,

I want to update a row value after clicking one of the column value.
in PHP.

value coming from database as in webpage

Id  name    status.
1   raj     pending ---> this is a hyperlink button
2   raj     pending
3   raj     pending
4   raj     pending

I want if click on "pending button" then I can run any query by which I can update the result of this row only.

I can use this query that update table name set status="approve" where id=1 but i am not sure that when click on the button it only take that id the value coming from database.

Updated 23-Aug-12 23:36pm
Joan M 24-Aug-12 4:38am    
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It is not a good idea to post "it is very urgent" here, believe me there's lots of people that don't like that and it can generate wrong answers for you.
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1 solution

i find the solution.

Add this to that column

Than create a page with approve.php
then add this code there

    // echo $id;
$query="update apply_leave set status1='approve' where apply_id='".$id."'";

        die ("An unexpected error occured while saving the record, Please try again!");}
        // echo "Thank You!" . " -" . "<a href='leave-request.php' style='text-decoration:none;color:#094a9c;'> Return Home</a>";
    /*echo "<script> alert('Successfully Approved !')</script>";*/

Have fun!!!
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