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Hello guys. I just want to ask, how to know the selectedIndex of an Ajax Accordion. I looked all over the web and found no luck in getting the answer. I was able to find some that suggested the use of jQuery but unfortunately i'm not so knowledgeable of it. Please help me. Thanks guys.
Zoltán Zörgő 25-Aug-12 15:40pm    
There are several Ajax accordion libraries out there. Please post at least the link, where you got yours.
Brandon Caruana 25-Aug-12 15:41pm    
what ajax accordion menu are you using? please post code
gaga blues 25-Aug-12 15:47pm    
asp:Accordion ID="Accordion1" CssClass="accordion" HeaderCssClass="accordionHeader" TransitionDuration="100"
FramesPerSecond="200" HeaderSelectedCssClass="accordionHeaderSelected" ContentCssClass="accordionContent" runat="server"
FadeTransitions="true" RequireOpenedPane="false" Width="320px" AutoSize="None" >



I used Ajax Extender for the Accordion and the Accordion Pane.
gaga blues 25-Aug-12 15:52pm    
I dont know but the tag < Content > is not showing in my comment. But i enclosed both Hello!! and Bye!! with < Content > AND < / Content >

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gaga blues 26-Aug-12 22:42pm    
Thanks! I'll go try this one out. :)
gaga blues 3-Sep-12 22:38pm    
I tried this but i'm a noob in using this code:

function pageLoad()

function accordion_selectedIndexChanged(sender, args)
var oldIndex = args.get_oldIndex();
var newIndex = args.get_selectedIndex();

// Do something.

I put a line break then execute my C# website but the break wasnt triggered. Please tell me how to use the code above. Its a client-side selectedIndexChanged event
Have you looked at this?[^]

Essentially you should be able to see you selected index server side like this

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gaga blues 26-Aug-12 22:45pm    
Thanks! I'll go read and try this. THanks

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