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Hi Everyone..

Am quite confused about static function. Here a little part program.

class A
        COtherClass m_var;  // Here COtherClass is different class & am creating instance variable called m_var.

        static void Display();

Anyhow i can access m_var in Display() function, by making Display() as non static function.
My question is: Can i access m_var in Display(static function) ??


void A :: Display()
  m_var.GetDocument();  //GetDocument() is the method in COtherClass.

1 solution


A non-static function receives the hidden 'this' pointer. When you write m_var.GetDocument();, the compiler reads this->m_var.GetDocument();.

A static function does not receive the 'this' pointer. So, when you try to use an instance (non-static) method, the compiler asks "Which instance?".

You can either make m_var a static member, or keep GetDocument() as an instance method.

Hope this helps,

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Guru_C++ 29-Aug-12 8:49am    
Oh..! Thank you for the help..

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