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i've set two parameters fields in crystal report as FromNumber and ToNumber,
on prompting the above values i enter two diffrent values for both fields on prompting window, how can i get these values in my code to send them as parameters to a method...

Try This...

Dim pmtDiscValue As New ParameterDiscreteValue

pmtDiscValue.Value = txtMinValue.text
pmtDiscValue.Value = txtMaxValue.text

Let me know if you have any question related this post.
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durgeshtupkar10 30-Aug-12 2:13am    
bu im not putting values as 1 and 100 from code as above, i'll provide it on prompt for entering values before displaying crystal report...
durgeshtupkar10 30-Aug-12 2:45am    
plz. reply...
Vipul J Patel 30-Aug-12 3:02am    
Will you please provide more input so i can give you the proper solution.
durgeshtupkar10 30-Aug-12 3:18am    
see, i have given 2 parameter fields in crystal report as fromnumber and tonumber, whenever i execute application it asks me in prompt window to provide values for fromnumber and tonumber and clicks ok, those values i want in code.
(prompt window is supplied by crystal report itself, how can i access those values???)
Though they are not in C# yet good enough for direction:
VB.NET Crystal Reports String parameter [^]
For passing parameter from TextBox to Crystal report Using vb.Net[^]

Look at them and see how it is done. Try out.
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durgeshtupkar10 30-Aug-12 2:15am    
im not using any special control like tetbox, im inserting these two values in prompting window of crystal report,how can i get these values in code
Sandeep Mewara 30-Aug-12 5:02am    
If you are inserting it in report, then you cannot get in code. They are not connected like this.

You can pass value from code to report.
durgeshtupkar10 30-Aug-12 2:45am    
plz. reply...

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