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Hi All, I am new to WPF. I have created user control which contains ListView and 2 Buttons. In my windows application i will use this user control. My question is : I want to design listview which resides in Usercontrol from my windows through XAML. I want to add gridview columns to the listview which present in usercontrol from windows application. Please help me. Regards Jegan

This is a repost of this previous one.

Updated 25-Nov-09 23:09pm

Sorry for the another question I am able to set the property of listview(LstView) by like this. I have tried to use dependency property but I am not able set... public double ListHeight { get { return lstView.Height; } set { lstView.Height = value; } } public double ListWidth { get { return lstView.Width; } set { lstView.Width = value; } } Same way below I have tried to add columns in the list view.. but i am not able to... public GridViewColumn ListColumn { set { ((GridView)lstView.View).Columns.Add(value); } } sorry again for not updating the earlier question. I am just new to WPF.
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You got an answer last time, why do you not say what you tried based on the answers you were given and why they did not help ? Why post a new question at all and not just edit the old one ?

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