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Hi All..

Am struck up in certain situation, Let me explain this.. My snippet code looks like this.

void CALLBACK EXPORT MyTimerProc(HWND hWnd,UINT nMsg,UINT nIDEvent,DWORD dwTime)
   // Task 1: Am reading the values SellA,BuyB & SellB,BuyA.
   //Task 2: 
   if( SellA >= BuyB)
      //Do Other Stuff: Open_Position() operation

   if( SellB >= BuyA )
      //Do other stuff: Close_Position() Operation


I have to run MyTimerProc function continuously.After certain hours i have to quit that function.

UINT m_timer;
void CSampleDlg::OnOK()
//For Every 2seconds, MyTimerProc will run continously.
 m_timer=SetTimer(1, 2000, (TIMERPROC)MyTimerProc);

void CSampleDlg::OnCancel()
//To Terminate the MyTimerProc function

When i click on cancel button, Anyhow MyTimerProc function will quit. But My fear is.. When i click on cancel button & control is in the middle operation like Open_Position() OR Close_Position(). In such case, Open_Position() OR Close_Operation() will fail & application will not exit gracefully.

Is it possible, when user clicks on cancel button & if MyTimerProc function is doing Open_Position()/Close_position(), then can i get the any notifiction or just like alarm..
Please suggest me on this..

Thank you all.

1 solution

If your timer's job related to the dialog only -
just pass NULL as third parameter to the SetTimer(..)
and then let the dialog react on WM_TIMER for your event ID :)

Please note also
that the cancelling of a dialog
is not the single way to leave it
(you could kill the (created) timer in the reaction on WM_DESTROY) :)
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Guru_C++ 31-Aug-12 5:09am    
sorry.. I dint understood..

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