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Hello Friends,

I am working with HTML,javascript and jquery in my code, dynamically add and delete the new elements to the existing "div".

Adding new element is working fine, but when I click on delete to remove the element, I get the Main Container object and also the child element object within the button exists and was clicked.

now the problem comes when I try to delete the element, I am getting the object till the html table control that contains the controls, but do not get the div that is containing the table.

Note : the div contains the table is the child div/element.

To Add element.
var ab = '<table rules="none" width="100%">
<td class="optHdBg">
<a><img src="themes/theme_blog/images/icons/delete.png" name="delete"  önclick="javascript:remove_block(this);"/></a>

function add()
var lstChild = $("#contControls").children().last();
var containerElement = document.getElementById("contControls");	
var newElement = document.createElement("div");

function remove_block(obj)
  var mainContainer = $(obj).parents("div #contControls");
  var mySelf = obj.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode;

problem occurs with mySelf control that is not accessing the div control that contains the table, due to that delete operation doesn't work.

please guide me.
Zoltán Zörgő 4-Sep-12 5:50am    
You are mixing JQuery with plain Javascript. JQuery has all that you need. Consult it's documentation first.

1 solution

See this for append and add functionality in JQuery:[^]
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