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SO below is the short version of what I was able to do in excel. What I did was had certain fields be collected and stored into variables. A webpage would open up and enter the fields. In this case it was mostly address search it was entering. It would click the search, and then click again to bring up the GIS map on this page.

If CellAssessor = "pinalassessor" Then
    SiteLink = ""
    TextboxNumberID = "ctl00$m$g_f1ed9e0e_852a_4270_8b23_90651396ae13$ctl00$ctl02$txt_Number"
    TextboxDirectionID = "ctl00$m$g_f1ed9e0e_852a_4270_8b23_90651396ae13$ctl00$ctl02$ddl_Direction"
    TextboxNameID = "ctl00$m$g_f1ed9e0e_852a_4270_8b23_90651396ae13$ctl00$ctl02$txt_Name"
    TextboxSuffixID = "ctl00$m$g_f1ed9e0e_852a_4270_8b23_90651396ae13$ctl00$ctl02$ddl_Suffix"

    ie.navigate SiteLink
    ie.Visible = True
    Application.Wait Now + TimeValue("00:00:2")
    While ie.Busy
    ie.Document.all(TextboxNumberID).Value = Item1
    ie.Document.all(TextboxDirectionID).Value = Item2
    ie.Document.all(TextboxNameID).Value = Item3
    ie.Document.all(TextboxSuffixID).Value = Item4
End If

Doing this in excel was a piece of cake. Once I figured alot of this out. Problem is now, I want to switch this feature into CRM 2011 Microsoft Dynamics. Which uses JScripts. In the Javascript I got as far as opening up the window of the URL I want. Using:


But I haven't found anything on getting address entry into the fields.

Does javascript support finding the ID of objects on the webpage, and being able to set the value, and then doing a webclick on the search. In the far feature I would also like to be able to know how to collect values on the page that shows the results.

If anybody could help. It would be greatly appreciated. I can give the entire excel vbscript if it helps. But I'm basically converting what I did in Vb to Javascript. I got most of it converted, but this was the last part. Thx in advance.

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