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I have a wcf service deployed on IIS. The service is running when I access it from the browser http://SiteName:81/ServiceName.svc

I am also using this service to populate a list using BCS in Sharepoint which works fine.

I need to call this service from a Sharepoint form and I thought I could use jQuery/Ajax to accomplish this but so far I am not successful.

I have the following code inside the form(This is the NewForm.aspx for the custom list i am working on):

<script type="text/javascript">
$.ajax( { 
  type: "Get", 
  url: 'http://ServerName:81/mywebservice.svc', 
  success: function() { 
      alert("Service found); 
  error: function () {
      alert("Service not found");

I am unsure of whether jQuery/Ajax is the way to go or there is another solution or should I scrap all this and create a custom form with all the existing functionality.

If I can call the service then I can use it's methods.

Also, I have the above script working within Visual Studio for the Web Service, accept that I have to replace the ServerName with loocalhost like this: 'http://localhost:10006/mywebservice.svc'. The localhost:10006 is the VS webservice. If I change it to ServerName:81 it fails to locate the service.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


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