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Hi All,

I am trying to create a web page with drag and drop functionality in ASP.Net. This dynamic page should meet following requirements.

1. The Web forms should be designed at runtime by the website user using server controls like Labels, Text Box, Button, Drop down etc.

2. This template information should be saved say in the form as XML for future usage.

3. This saved template should be available to all the users/roles of the website.

4. The controls should support resizing, positioning, drag and drop functionality in the web form at runtime.

5. After the creation of the template the entered data in the controls should be saved and used for some business processing.

6. The webform should have rich end user experience.

7. I cannot use Silverlight.

Please suggest the ways to meet the above, with good performance.

Srinivas Akella
Updated 20-May-10 2:48am

Why is it that I know you asked this before, but there are no other questions associated with this account.

If you can't use silverlight, then you're going to have to write a ton of javascript, and you're going to really struggle with performance. Running the forms should be OK, although I suspect you'll struggle with viewstate on dynamically created controls, but the designer is likely to really suck, performance wise. My IE freezes when even the most simple JS is running.

Why do you 'need' to do this ? What experience do you have in javascript ? What bout ASP.NET ?
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This is my project requirement.
I do not have experience in Java Script but I am good at ASP.Net.

Why I cannot use Silverlight is my web application should run on Linux Environment also.

I am ready to learn JS but I cannot compromise on performance. Can we achive this using ASP.Net Web Parts?

Please tell me the process.
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Dude - you are screwed. Tell your client that they are not going to get this, not from you. The only way to achieve this, is through javascript, and I don't believe that any AJAX or other library is going to have the parts you need, so you're REALLY going to have know your stuff, and even then, I'm not really sure that it's especially possible to do it in a way that is going to work well across all browsers on all platforms. There is zero chance that someone could 'learn javascript' while writing this, IMO.
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Not sure if you are still doing/looking into this (if not this may help others), you could look at some 3rd party scripts to help you out... check out[^] has some drag and drop functions in there that are easy to use.
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Most of this is possible. I have done it using javascript and

Sigurd Johansen
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withlovkaran 4-May-12 1:09am    
Through classic ASP with VB script this can be easily achieved, but with the ASP.NET server side its hell of an effort
Christian Graus' answer is correct.
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check where you can see jquery plugin..
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[no name] 16-Apr-14 8:25am    
Do you really think that he is still waiting after 4 and a half years?

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