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Okay I am making a form in my program that is a Friends list application for use on It works like this. When the form loads it it loads my.settings.friends into a textbox if my.settings.friends is not empty. Then it adds each line from that textbox to a different item in a listbox. That all works perfectly but I am having one problem. When I load the text into the textbox from my.settings.friends it makes the last line empty and then it creates an empty item in the listbox for that empty line. When the form closes it adds all of the items back to the textbox and then saves the textbox.text to the my.settings.friends and it obviously adds the empty items back so if I don't delete it next time I open it there will be two empty items and so on. Here is the code I am using to make it all work.

Form Load:
            TextBox2.Text = My.Settings.Friends
            Dim NewArray() As String = TextBox2.Text.Split(vbNewLine)
            If Not TextBox2.Text = "" Or Nothing Then
                For Each item As String In NewArray
                    If item = "" Or Nothing Then
                    End If

                ListBox1.Items.Remove(ListBox1.Items.Count - 1)
            End If

        Catch ex As Exception

        End Try

Form Closing:
TextBox2.Text = ""
        For Each thing As Object In ListBox1.Items
            TextBox2.AppendText(thing.ToString & vbNewLine)
        My.Settings.Friends = TextBox2.Text

Could someone please help me? I want it to not make this empty line at the end of the textbox. All of the TextBox2.Text.TrimEnd are my attempt to erase it but they aren't working.
[no name] 9-Sep-12 22:29pm    
Lookup the string.IsNullOrEmpty function
Zack Mcintosh 9-Sep-12 22:45pm    
I got it thanks to slight help from you. It works with String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace
If String.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(item) Then
End If

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