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I am having a radio button(rbn1) and 3 drop down lists(country,state,city) in my form.
if i select my radio button then *country drop down should be enabled and state and city drop down should be disabled the country drop down list items ( India,USA)

Now if i select the India from list item..then state Drop down list should be enabled
and city drop down should be disabled

Now if i select the USA from list item then city Drop down list should be enabled and state drop down should be disabled.

Is it possible?
Updated 11-Sep-12 4:27am

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This can be done directly through ASP.NET, Below is Code.

protected void ddlCountry_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ddlState.DataSource = res.States(Convert.ToInt16(ddlCountry.SelectedValue));
        ddlState.DataTextField = "StateName";
        ddlState.DataValueField = "StateID";
        ddlState.Items.Insert(0, "Select");
        ddlDist.Enabled = false;
        ddlCity.Enabled = false;
    protected void ddlState_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ddlDist.DataSource = res.Districts(Convert.ToInt16(ddlState.SelectedValue));
        ddlDist.DataTextField = "DistName";
        ddlDist.DataValueField = "DistID";
        ddlDist.Items.Insert(0, "Select");
        ddlDist.Enabled = true;
        ddlCity.Enabled = false;
    protected void ddlDist_SelectedIndexChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        ddlCity.DataSource = res.Cities(Convert.ToInt16(ddlDist.SelectedValue));
        ddlCity.DataTextField = "CityName";
        ddlCity.DataValueField = "CityID";
        ddlCity.Items.Insert(0, "Select");
        ddlCity.Enabled = true;

Full concept of this code is posted here.

you can use UpdatePanel to save page from PostBack.
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Have a look: c# combobox selectedindexchanged events[^]

..and more similar threads on CP Search[^]
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