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Is there a way to freeze the first row and first column of a grid (not data grid) in WPF? My application has a grid that contain line chart controls and I would like to have the first row to hold labels that would stay still as I scroll vertically and for the first column to hold labels that stay when I scroll horizontally.
Can anyone share an example on how to do this?
darshan_ur 13-Sep-12 10:46am    
While setting up the First row if you fix the height then the scrolling wont update that row height. Same goes for Column.

1 solution

Here is an external link to an article that talks about fixing the first N columns[^].

It does happen to use a DataGridView in the Grid, which you said you didn't really want to use, though you didn't say why you didn't.

This external article uses xamGrid by Infragistics[^] for the same effect.

But the Grid class is not designed to have non-Scrolling columns or rows. That is what DataGrid (or a DataGridView inside a Grid) is for. (and xamlGrid if you are using the Infragistics classes)

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