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I have a SQL Table , in that one of the col is Material (INT).

Now, My task is i want to take a list of materials into ListBox, and then i select some of them, and then insert in to my table is it possible.

for ex:

varchar --- 'a,b,c,d' --- its inserted why bcz with in the single quotation we
are passing N no.of values means it's consider as a single


int --- 1,2,3,4 --- has to be inserted into my table in a single insertion only.

can any one help me to do this..

Thanks in advance...

1 solution

Do you really want to insert multiple values into one column in one single row? Then you decided for a very bad design: read about "normalization"!
Better use one value for the column per row, and use a "transaction" to make sure that all values are inserted (or none in case of failure).
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[no name] 14-Sep-12 8:54am    
yah i know that but my boss given that task. I already told it's a foolish one but he didn't listen my words.what should i do...
Bernhard Hiller 14-Sep-12 9:05am    
Then change the column to varchar and treat the int as string.
Bernhard Hiller 14-Sep-12 9:25am    
By the way, when the numbers are small numbers like those you showed, you could treat them like "flags": calculate 2^number for each number, sum that up, and store the result.

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