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I am working from home today and just figured out that my application is not even making requests to localhost (found by breakpoints). This just happened as of this morning, and I can assure you it was working on site.

I have two projects in one solution. I have a web project and a wpf application that requests from a web service (the web project). I launch the web project by clicking the run in browser play button. I can check int eh browser and see that it is running and responding.

The wpf application has an address of http://localhost/foo to make requests to. On site , this works just fine. Now that I'm working from home the requests are failing. I put a break point in the web project so I know that the requests are not actually getting to the server.

I tried googling a few questions but Iget answers on how to use rdp, or how to connect to visual studio stuff remotely. I'm not asking properly to get responses specific to this, so that explains my post
Andrei Straut 19-Sep-12 10:31am    
Wait, let me sure I understand you correctly. You brought your solution at home, installed it on your home computer and run it from there, or are you simply connecting to your work computer using RDP and work via RDP?

If it's the first one, I can give you the dumb idea (which you may have tried already): did you check how localhost is mapped in both your hosts file, work and home?

If it's the second, no idea, other than it may be related to the moon phase bug
loctrice 19-Sep-12 12:28pm    
Yeah, not sure what happened. It worked itself out , but not before making me come in the office on my work from home day. Half hour drive too :doh:

1 solution

this was , as the comment suggested, a moon phase bug. Something quirky.

I have a witness to ensure that I was not imagining it. We also connected from another computer there in the office and it worked fine. The "hail mary" that worked was to start the application, then go back home and remote connect again. That solved it, connecting when it was running properly.
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Andrei Straut 19-Sep-12 12:32pm    
Ok, can I report you now for posting solution to your own question? :laugh:

'plz plz plz?'
loctrice 19-Sep-12 12:48pm    
I don't know what would stop you. This reminded me to accept the answer though. All I was looking for was to make sure that there was an answer for later googlers.
Andrei Straut 19-Sep-12 12:53pm    
It was a joke you know, but I'm glad you did upvote your own solution, for the very reason you specified.
loctrice 19-Sep-12 13:30pm    
Yeah, I expected it as a joke and took it that way.
Andrei Straut 19-Sep-12 13:31pm    

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