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hi, how can i stream a satellite TV in my website? i want to stream a satellite TV like (starplus, ten sports etc) in my web site for my website visitor. recently open a new satellite TV channel in Egypt, so i`m developing a website for this channel and i want to stream this channel first in my web site. please help me. no need Embed code. just want to stream own. please please help me
i`m developing my website by and C#

Thanks in advance.
Updated 27-Sep-12 22:52pm
Richard MacCutchan 28-Sep-12 4:45am    
Call the TV company and ask them for the details. It is quite possible that they will not give you this without charge.
ramy_t2 28-Sep-12 4:53am    
i`m developing the website for the TV company my problem is how to stream the channel on the website

Google has some suggestions[^].
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for steaming you are going to need a technology like flash. which has a media streaming server for streaming video .

Though I did domething sililar using unity 3d and a web service in order to steam a webcam feed to a server and broadcast it.

unity 3d is primarily a game development engine that you can code in any language (C# included) and is cross browser cross platform compatible but I simply used a texture and a web service filling a buffer to stream the video I believe you can also stream the audio.

Also please dont underestimate the bandwitdh your server is going to be kicking out. its fine during testing but if you have 2000 clients trying to stream meadia in real time at the same time the output of your server will be tremendous.
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ramy_t2 28-Sep-12 6:03am    
i don`t want to use any 3rd party websites/softwares.
L Viljoen 28-Sep-12 6:46am    
If you want to do it purely out of html may i suggest the following then

I have never done this before but from when I read it suggest its a way of steaming live video using HTML5

hope this helps

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