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Hello everybody...
I have been using c++ for a while for console applications, but now I need to make a simulation of a soda factory, implementing multi-threading and GUI.

I was using Dev c++ for console apps, and I tried to install some dev-packs for multi-threading and GUI development as GTK+ or QT, but I can't make the libs work and also the compiler and the linker seems to have troubles, I have MinGW instaled. I read some forums and the people say that dev c++ is not good for gui development, so i tried Code::Blocks but i got the same result.

install the libs is such a pain for both softwares, is it realy necessary? or...
Other software could be better for do this work?
Visual Studio or QT plataform SDK, ?

I need your advice in order to choose a software for developing the project.
I need multi-threading support and GUI.

thanks for your help, and sorry for my English, is not my home language.
Updated 13-Feb-18 10:23am
JOHN 602 2-Oct-12 14:42pm    
Where did you see that C++ isn't suitable for multi-threading. C++ is a powerful tool in skillful hands. But it demands some more diligence and knowledge.
OpenMP,MPI,CILK++ and others shows a greater performance than similar approaches on C# or smth else.
But of course,as I mentioned before, GUI Programming with C++ a little more complex than simple drugging controls with Form Designer(but MFC offers you do it as well,about Qt i have no info)
Look this, maybe it will useful for you
aasikRaja 12-Oct-12 1:29am    
Visual studio 2003 and 2005 are the better integrated development tool for multi-threading and GUI interfaces..
you can download it from msdn website..
aasikRaja 12-Oct-12 1:31am    
once you have started using visual studio, write any qns here to develop and completing your project.

I can't speak to the other environments you mentioned, but Microsoft Visual Studio does support Multi-threaded GUI apps by default.

You have a steep learning curve ahead of you however. Tackling both at the same time...
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JOHN 602 2-Oct-12 14:51pm    
Isn't possible to run some operation in a separate thread in GUI?
Are you kidding? Maybe I misunderstood you.
But the simplest example is push the button->create new thread->run a procedure in a single thread
JackDingler 2-Oct-12 15:14pm    
I'm not sure what you're saying.

I'm just referring to the fact that Visual Studio does not need add on packs to support multi-threaded GUI apps.

In fact, the wizard that comes standard, produces multi-threaded apps by default.

As to the learning curve, I'm referring to the fact that Jorgman hasn't written GUI or multi-threaded apps before. There are new concepts to learn for both.

thanks for the answers... the teacher said that the project could be done with Visual Studio because is easeier develop GUI and the soft include threading, but the instaler is pretty heavy about 2.5GB ISO. and is not free.

i'm trying QT SDK for Ubuntu... but i need to learn QT sintaxis. my last resort is use the default WinAPI of Dev-c++ and write the GUI... and try to make the threads work in dev.
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