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I am using SQL 2005 Express.

I have a table with an auto increment field named rec_id. This table has 5 'funny' records, rec_id 33941 to 33945. Fyi, the table has no problem adding records and the rec_id now has gone beyond that 5 records, 34000+. We only discovered these 5 records today.

If I do a "Select rec_id from masterreceipt", that set of 5 records will always remain at the bottom 5, even if I added "order by rec_id" to the command. The result will look something like this.

But if I further add "desc" to the same command, that set of 5 records will not appear at all.

And also, that 5 records cannot be 'inner join' by other tables. It will not return the rows.

I am pretty sure that set of records has never been thru an update or a delete command. I've checked the content as well, nothing out of the ordinary.

Can anybody please tell me what is going on?

Thank you.
Kuthuparakkal 4-Oct-12 8:41am    
stop sql server service and then start to see if any problem
Zakirom 4-Oct-12 8:47am    
Tried but no effect.

Also, that 5 records cannot be deleted or updated
Zakirom 4-Oct-12 8:48am    
Thank you btw.
Kuthuparakkal 4-Oct-12 8:51am    
try : detach and attach your db
if not working, take back up, reinstall sql, and restore your db
Zakirom 4-Oct-12 9:00am    
Also tried, no effect. I've also backup the db and restore it at another server. Same problem persist.

1 solution

I modified the table, turning off the IsIdentity property of the said field. When I checked, the 5 records were back in place, at the order of entry. After turning back on the IsIdentity property, everything works fine again.

But I wonder what causes it. I need to explain it to my customers coz this seemingly simple problem caused a customer service failure resulting in a complain. I need to tell them that it is not my program that causes it.
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