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I am trying to write a program to connect to wifi routers/ap. I have been successfull into connecting to open networks.

However when i try to connect to secured networks, a baloon pop up asking for password. Can i not pass the password automatically.

My code is as below. Can someone modify this to work for secured network. My APs does not have any profile names.
/* Client opens a handle for connection */
status = WlanOpenHandle( WLAN_API_VERSION, NULL, &dwCurVersion,&hClient );

/* Get the list of wi-fi interfaces */
status = WlanEnumInterfaces(hClient, NULL, &pIfList);

    pIfInfo = (WLAN_INTERFACE_INFO *) &pIfList->InterfaceInfo[0];

/* Get the list of visible networks */
    status = WlanGetAvailableNetworkList (hClient,&pIfInfo->InterfaceGuid,0,NULL,&pBssList);

    for (tmploop = 0; tmploop < pBssList->dwNumberOfItems; tmploop++)
        pBssEntry = (WLAN_AVAILABLE_NETWORK *) & pBssList->Network[tmploop];
        if (pBssEntry->dot11Ssid.uSSIDLength != 0)

            strcpy(tmpBuffer,(char *) pBssEntry->dot11Ssid.ucSSID );

            /* Whether the HOST to be connected is found ? */
            if(strcmp(tmpBuffer,"2WIRE472") == 0)
                //hostFoundflag = SET;
                wlanConnPara.wlanConnectionMode = wlan_connection_mode_discovery_secure;//wlan_connection_mode_discovery_unsecure;
                wlanConnPara.strProfile = pBssEntry->strProfileName;
                strcpy( (char *)(infoForSSID.ucSSID), tmpBuffer);
                infoForSSID.uSSIDLength = pBssEntry->dot11Ssid.uSSIDLength;
                wlanConnPara.pDot11Ssid =&infoForSSID;
                wlanConnPara.pDesiredBssidList = NULL;
                wlanConnPara.dot11BssType = pBssEntry->dot11BssType;
                wlanConnPara.dwFlags = pBssEntry->dwFlags;

                /* Connect to the host */
                status = WlanConnect( hClient, &pIfInfo->InterfaceGuid, &wlanConnPara, NULL );


Updated 6-Oct-12 18:30pm

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