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check whether javscript is enable or not in html form
enhzflep 9-Oct-12 2:54am    
Yes, it is enabled.
bhargavpp 9-Oct-12 3:09am    
e popat,read my question carefully
Narra sreenu 9-Oct-12 6:42am    
Try to put your question clearly here.
bhargavpp 10-Oct-12 7:08am    
go home and sleep well...

  alert("JavaScript is enabled.");

  JavaScript is not enabled or not supported.
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bhargavpp 12-Oct-12 8:24am    
not working...
This should work too. If the JavaScript on the browser is disabled it will output a message and a link on how to enable it.

<noscript style="font-size: 18px; color: red; font-weight:bold">Javascript is disabled:<a href=";answer=12654"target="_blank">Click here to learn how to enable it before continue.</a>&nbsp;<br/></noscript>
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bhargavpp 12-Oct-12 8:24am    
not working..
Bryian Tan 12-Oct-12 12:34pm    
What is not working?
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bhargavpp 12-Oct-12 8:24am    
showing always javascript is enable
Jim Jos 12-Oct-12 20:15pm    
if you don't how to test it please accept it.. Did you disable javascript before testing? For which zone you have disabled it? there is internet intranet trustedsite zones?
bhargavpp 13-Oct-12 1:04am    
yes i have tested on Mozilla,Chrome,IE9,Opera but not getting result it is always showing true,if i am disabling then also showing true..
Jim Jos 13-Oct-12 1:18am    
In IE9 Did you go to internet options -> Security -> Internet -> custom options -> Disable Active scripting? I tested in IE9 today morning it works.. Tell me how did you disable javascript in IE9?
bhargavpp 13-Oct-12 1:48am    
yes exectly i have done the same but application not running and message showing is always true as per your code detail..

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