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Hello everyone,

I am trying to develop an Pizza Ordering System. I am confused about using Checked List Boxes. I have a checked list box and 5 items. The software is expected to do this; when user clicked an item1, the total prize should increse + 0.5 when item1 is unclicked then the total prize should return the actual value. and so on.

totalprize = 10;
item1 checked = 10.50
item1 is unchecked = 10.00
item2 is checked = 10.75
item2 is unchecked = 10.00
both item1 and item2 is checked = 11.25 and so on.

I want help about the property of checked list box and logic (the if else structure) of this part.

Snapshot Of Program[^]

Code I am confused:(Completely Wrong, not calculating)
private void checkedListBoxAdditions_ItemCheck(object sender, ItemCheckEventArgs e)
    if (checkedListBoxAdditions.GetItemChecked(checkedListBoxAdditions.SelectedIndex))
        txtTotalAmount.Text = Convert.ToString(price[4] + double.Parse(txtTotalAmount.Text));
        txtTotalAmount.Text = Convert.ToString( double.Parse(txtTotalAmount.Text) - price[4] );
    //if (checkedListBoxAdditions.GetItemChecked(checkedListBoxAdditions.Items.IndexOf("Domato")))
    //    txtTotalAmount.Text = Convert.ToString(price[5] + double.Parse(txtTotalAmount.Text));
    //    txtTotalAmount.Text = Convert.ToString(double.Parse(txtTotalAmount.Text) - price[5]);

Thanks For your considerations.

1 solution

Instead of using CheckedListBox, you could have used 5 checkboxes and that would have made your life easier. See below -

Add 5 checkboxes say c1,c2,c3,c4,c5 and add event handlers for CheckedCHanged Event

private void c1_CheckedChanged(Object sender, EventArgs e) {
     txtTotalAmount.Text = double.Parse(txtTotalAmount.Text)) + 0.5;
     txtTotalAmount.Text = double.Parse(txtTotalAmount.Text)) - 0.5;

Change the amount you want to add/subtract in each checkbox event and this solves what you are looking for.
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FoxRoot 21-Oct-12 10:42am    
Thanks Nitesh but I should use a CheckedListBox.

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