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hi @ all

I'm searching for a solution to do a DataBind of my GridView when I entered a sign in my textbox (onkeypress).

The whole thing, should be a search like google.
When I enter something the gridview should updated his datasource with the text in the textbox and display the "filtered" datarecords.

I have tried to do a postback in javascript onkeypressd, but then my textbox looses the text and the focus.
An other thing i tried is to call a server-side function from client-side, but on this way i can't bind the gridview.

How would you solve my problem?

Is there any possibility to databind gridview with the sqldatasource from client-side?

Thanks for your help!

1 solution

You can use Server Side event TextChanged of Textbox.
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ownfrog 23-Oct-12 7:42am    
sorry you dont understand me, i want to bind the grid by each "keypress" not at the TextChanged event.
So when i'm writing somthing the grid updates his data width the thext i'm writing always i press a key!

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